What is a cluster mailbox?
You’ve seen them in apartment complexes and townhouse communities, where they are a viable option. But cluster mailboxes in single-family residential neighborhoods are an unsightly, inconvenient and unsafe idea. Here’s why:

Cluster mailboxes can be a long way away from your house. That makes it especially difficult for people with mobility problems, or for families who have to make a special effort to detour through the neighborhood just to check the mail.

The ground around cluster mailboxes can be littered with junk mail, which detracts from the beauty of your neighborhood.

Cluster mailboxes can become targets for those who prey on others, and can become dangerous places where residents can be robbed, assaulted, or worse.

Cluster boxes take away the convenience, beauty and safety of our communities. We must make sure the U.S. Postal Service doesn’t force cluster boxes on us!

In some neighborhoods, the Post Office is requiring that all mailboxes be installed on the same side of the street. This form of clustering boxes is also unsafe, as you and your family may have to cross the busiest streets to check your mail. It is convenient for the postman - but is it safe for you?