The U.S. Postal Service recently raised their rates to 49 ¢.
But they also want to eliminate curbside delivery of our mail. Even before the rate increase, the Postal Service was profitable. If they eliminate curbside delivery, we’re the ones who suffer!

Cluster mailboxes are unsightly and inconvenient, especially for the elderly or those who have mobility problems Your nearest mailbox might be blocks away from your home!

The Postal Service wants to start eliminating curbside service in new subdivisions. Residents of new subdivisions who receive their mail at a cluster mailbox pay the same rate as those with curbside delivery. Two groups paying the same price for separate levels of service is discriminatory.

The Postal Service recently implemented a 50% rule that says that they won’t begin curbside delivery to a new neighborhood until more than 50% of the homes are occupied. In large neighborhoods, this could take years. The Postal Service isn’t mandating use of cluster boxes in new subdivisions — they just won’t deliver your mail unless you have one.

In some neighborhoods, the Post Office is asking that all mailboxes be installed on the same side of the street. That means you and your family might have to cross traffic to get your mail. This is convenient for postman - but is this safe for you?

New neighborhoods today - established neighborhoods tomorrow? HELP STOP the Post Office’s move toward cluster mailboxes. Contact your elected officials today!