The US Postal Service Wants to

Eliminate Curbside Mail Delivery

And instead, force residents to convert to “cluster box units”.

What Are Cluster Box Units?

Cluster or centralized mailboxes are free-standing, multiple, locked
mailbox compartments. They are common at condominium
and apartment complexes.


No More Curbside Mail Delivery Affects You


Cluster box receptacles tend to be less secure and your mail (as well as gifts, packages and even mail order prescriptions) can be the target of thieves.

No longer can you simply walk to the end of your driveway to get the day’s mail. With the cluster box unit method of mail delivery, you must walk to the centralized mailbox area in your neighborhood.


With cluster boxes, mail is more likely to accumulate day-to-day and more likely to be dropped on the ground, leading to a littering problem.


The elderly and those with physical limitations may find it difficult or impossible to retrieve their mail due to distance or bad weather.


Simply put, cluster mailboxes are unattractive and will change the look of our neighborhoods.


Not all subdivisions have a homeowners’ association (HOA) so it may not be clear whose responsibility it will be to maintain the structure and surrounding ground.

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